Thursday, 30 November 2017

Hidden Pearls UK

 I have been wearing the hijab for so many years now. Through all these years I tried different hijab materials until I finally figured out what suits me best. The jersey hijab is what I have been continuously wearing almost every day . Now-a-days it is easy to find  jersey hijabs at any store, but the quality of the hijab and the details of it differ a lot from one jersey hijab to another.

 Luckily, a while ago I received a package of two amazing hijabs of jersey material from Hidden Pearls UK in Army Green and Sea Green colors.

 To start with, the colors are amazing and rich, the quality is super comfy and smooth, and the size of the scarf is perfectly practical (neither too long nor too short). The Army Green Hijab is 185cm x75cm and  the Sea Green Pom Pom Hijab is 160cm x75cm.

 What caught my attention the most about these hijabs is the pom-pom detail added to the Sea Green Jersey Scarf. I really liked how creative Hidden Pearls UK is to add a tiny detail that will take the jersey hijab to another level. This detail kept the jersey hijab practical and simple and at the same time it has given it a more casual look.

 I tried those hijabs over several days and wore them for long hours; they really felt like you have nothing over your head. Some other jersey scarves are of good quality; however, they feel heavy over the head. From my personal experience, it is not convenient at all to wear a heavy scarf especially for long hours of the day. The jersey material of Hidden Pearls UK scarves is very light in weight and it is very appropriate to wear on a daily basis.

 I chose to pair the Army Green Hijab ,which is considered to be an earthy color ,with a pale pink shirt. Honeslty, I got inspired by an army green sofa with pink cushions! The pink really complemented the Army Green Hijab.

  I also paired it with neutral colors, black and white, as they go with almost every color.

 The Sea Green Pom Pom Hijab was a little bit more challenging as I had to pair it with a color that will not draw the attention away from its beauty. I decided to go for a monochromatic outfit; dark blue pants and also a dark blue sweater along with a white shirt underneath to make it more hijab appropriate . The look turned out to be very youthful!

 As a matter of fact, Hidden Pearls UK did a great job by offering all hijabi girls a comfy, pretty and stylish jersey hijabs that could be used literally every day!

Make sure to visit Hidden Pearls UK website to check their wide range of HijabsPlain Crimp Hijab, Jersey Hijabs and much more. Don't forget to also check their Islamic gifts section.

Stay Glammed ❤

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