Friday, 6 October 2017

A Hijabi Wedding Guest -What to wear?

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  For the past couple of years, I have been invited to weddings more than I can count. As a Hijabi, getting ready for a wedding is not as simple as it seems. I am sure that all Hijabi girls can relate here; putting a complete outfit together (the dress, the scarf and the makeup) is not an easy task. It was always challenging for me to find a long sleeve -ready to wear dress and to pair it with a nice scarf, and then to finish the look with a suitable makeup.

 I have tried too many styles, some of which turned out to be perfect and others were just a complete disaster. Fortunately, after several trials I know now how to put a full look together as a Hijabi wedding guest.

  In order to make things simple for you, i'll walk you through tips and tricks that will help you perfect your final look when attending a wedding:

  • Never Ever wear a blouse under your dress even if you tried to match it with the dress color. I know how hard it is to find a long sleeve evening dress in shops or boutiques ; however, if you got a sleeveless dress you can either sew sleeves for it (taking into consideration the dress's color and fabric) or you can pair it with an evening blazer or cardigan (a sequin blazer for instance)

  • Never Ever wear a scarf with patterns. Even if your dress is simple and plain, match it with a plain scarf. Scarves with patterns on an occasion like this will not look right. It will make your outfit look busy. You also need to make sure that you are selecting the right scarf material. Stay away from cotton scarves as they will give you a more casual look; instead go for silk scarves for example, as they will just put your whole look together in a better way. Always keep your scarf volume small, it is much more flattering!

  • Never Ever wear a suit to a wedding; you are not going to a job interview! I have seen too many girls wearing formal suits to weddings; formal pants and blazers are just not the right wedding guest attire.

  • Never Ever wear heavy makeup on such an event. Heavy makeup will just destroy your entire look. Keep in mind that beauty is in simplicity.

 If you are a Hijabi, it doesn't mean that you cannot perfect a look for a wedding. All you need to do is to choose wisely what to wear and how to wear it.

Stay Glammed ❤

This is a ready to wear long sleeve dress. I paired it with two scarves (a black one and a peachy one above it)

This is a tailor-made dress and scarf. I chose the material and the design for it.

This was a sleeveless dress. I sewed long sleeves for it of the same dress material and color. I paired it with a plain pink scarf. 

This is a sleeveless dress. I paired it with a sequin top of the same color. I chose a silk scarf with several purple shades to compliment the dress.

This dress was sleeveless. Lace material of the same dress color was added to cover the chest and the arms.
The scarf is plain and a shade brighter than the dress color.

This is a skirt paired with a white lace top and a black belt to give a dress-like look. I chose a plain silk scarf matching the color of the skirt..

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